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Contact Us:- Tel : 0113 293 0529Tel : 0113 293 0529

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The club has several bowling teams playing in 4 different leagues, between April and September we play in the following competitions:-

Tuesdays: Leeds Evening League - 2 teams
Wednesdays : Crossgates Evening League - 2 teams
Thursdays: North East Leeds Vets - 1 team(Afternoon play)
Saturdays: Barkston Ash league - 2 teams

We have a 37m by 27m home ground bowling green along with facilities.

For more information ask for Alan Wood or Maria Durkin

Darts and Dominoes

We have a darts & dominoes team, which plays in the Garforth & District League between August and September the following year.

Join us every Monday night throughout the year if you'd like to play and socialise with the team. Talk to Steve Thompson for more details.


Crossgates Rec Club has 2 teams in 2 different leagues playing between September and April

On Tuesdays we have 2 teams playing in the Wetherby & District Snooker League. This league is for more experienced players.

Wednesdays we have 2 teams playing in the Leeds Billiards & Snooker Organisation. A more relaxed atmosphere.

During the summer we hold various internal competitions and have regular practise nights.

If you are interested in playing for the club, pop in on a club night (Tuesday or Wednesday) and ask at the bar for Karl Briggs who will be able to help.

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