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You are all aware we have taken the decision to keep the club closed, a decision we are sure will be unpopular among some members. Like everyone in the country we have been counting down the days since that magic date in July was hinted, when all licensed premises would be allowed to open. With this date in mind we made all the preparations we thought would be required of us to reopen the club. You will no doubt be aware one of those measures was to fit a screen to the bar, Ben and Michelle rearranged all the tables and chairs with social distancing in mind, purchased hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes and whatever else they thought we would require, including ordering beer!

Great bring on the 4th July, less than a week ago a government 43-page document landed in our inbox with a seemingly endless list of guidelines (note the word guidelines) that we are required to comply with.

Implementing these we discover we are expected to operate with a greatly reduce capacity, the need to double staffing levels, operate a one way system throughout the club including visiting the toilets and more significantly everyone on the club premises has to be seated at a table, let that sink in, it effectively means no snooker, no darts and no standing at the bandits. This along with other restriction, not just the number of people allowed in the club, ensures for the time being the club cannot hold private functions, have our Friday Rock nights, host parties, charity nights and indeed wakes. These activities provide a valuable second income for the club.

Now, the club like most businesses is in receipt of government funding, for example the Furlough scheme that we are sure some of you are aware of. These schemes have been invaluable in supporting the club whilst closed, once we open the doors and welcome you all back, switch everything back on, the running costs will revert to pre lockdown levels except for the payroll which is likely to double, and for which the club becomes wholly responsible. All this whilst expected to operate with reduced capacity and restricted functions and inevitable vastly reduced bar takings. In effect surviving the lockdown was the easy part, surviving reopening is a whole new challenge. It is for mainly these reasons we have opted to keep the club closed for the time being.

We have been informed by the Licencing authorities, the guidelines are under constant review and subject to change, and it is our intention to open the club as soon possible, hopefully August.

Further updates will follow.
The Board of Directors.

As we get closer to opening, this page will keep you updated as to measure we will be putting into place to protect staff and members.

Protective screens on the bar

These new screens will help keep our staff and members safe while at the bar. Other measures may be necessary and we will keep you informed.


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