Crossgates Rec Club

 A welcoming private members club

Contact Us:- Tel : 0113 293 0529Tel : 0113 293 0529

About Us

The Club

Crossgates Recreational Hall was founded in 1908 to be a safe space for members to relax and enjoy recreational pastimes. The original building still stands to this day, although a fire in the 1960's meant significant refurbishment had to take place.

The club is many things to many people.

It can be a relaxing environment for members who like to sit and talk with friends.

Or a fun night out with:-
Bingo Nights
Live Bands
Open Mic Nights

We have a number of club teams who play snooker, crown green bowling and darts and dominoes.

Our large screen TV is put to use for those essential Rugby and Football games and other sporting events.

Our large function room upstairs has convenient lift access and is available for bookings through the steward of the club.

The Board

The Board of Directors is made up of club members who give up their time voluntarily to ensure the smooth running of the club, its infrastructure and maintenance, ensure fiscal responsibility, and organise entertainment. The board can comprise of up to 12 members, and is currently 8 strong.

Nigel Thompson

David Ward

Steve Thompson

Board Members
Steve Adkin
Peter Freeman
Graham Pearce
Margaret Rossiter
Pete Walker

If you would like to help run the club by becoming a director, let any board member know.

Please note : Directors receive no financial compensation for their work.

Club Steward

Day to day running of the club, including bookings and staffing, is handled by the Club Steward Ben Ellis.

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